Ravenstone Primary in Balham

A glimpse of our final visit of this academic year by Daisy Harman, Upper Phase Leader at Ravenstone Primary in Balham, London. It’s wonderful to read and all our thanks go to the incredible volunteers who give up their time to support the project. On this occasion it’s easyJet Captain Kate Mcwilliams who has given up her time to inspire both children and adults alike. You’re such an inspiration to us all!

“Kate, you were absolutely amazing. We asked you to do so much and you were incredible. Never mind the children being inspired, we now all want to be pilots! Your speech at the celebration was perfect and made our first prize giving such a special event. Our Year 6s felt so privileged to have that extra time with you this afternoon.

Kanchana thank you for facilitating this visit, I can only imagine how much work goes into organising the Aviatrix Project and I have no idea how you combine it with running a school as well. It is such a worthwhile project and I felt so proud to be able to offer such an extraordinary role model to all of our children, but the impact it has upon the girls in our school is especially wonderful to see.”