Flight winner!

A huge thank you to Marion Wooldridge, Vice President of the BWPA for taking up flight winner Mary last weekend. Mary won the flight at Soul Survivor this summer through MAF Youth and we helped to organise the flight for her. They flew 1.3 hours chock-chock from White Waltham (and around 80 miles) west to look for white horses carved in the chalk, of which there are quite a few in that area. Mary flew most of the way back and had a wonderful time.

Our 2nd Anniversary!

What a wonderful day celebrating our 2nd anniversary. Susan Tuddenham from LUX Aviation and Marc-Antoine Vanhove from Team Yakovlevs visited Wareside Primary in Herts as part of their STEM week. Thank you to you both! Children enjoyed an afternoon learning about flying, aerobatics and flight planning. But most importantly that they can all achieve something wonderful if they put their minds to it!

Autumn 2017 highlight

Fantastic visit at Streatham Wells Primary School with pilot Helen from Stobart Air. The school gave us fantastic feedback! Thank you for the warm welcome.

Dorset visit in July 2017

One of our last visits for this academic year. Huge thanks to Flybe pilot Kirsten Rapp and Motcombe Primary in Dorset for hosting us. Hope you all now want to take to the skies!

Although we have some events over the summer the majority of our work will begin again in September and plans are underway for our second anniversary! Until then blue skies!

Highlight from July 2017

We had a busy day today with visits across 3 counties - here are some highlights from the Hertfordshire visit at Millmead Primary School. Children met Pilot Helen from Stobart Air and learnt lots about navigation and clouds using cotton wool!

"Wow it looks amazing up there!!!" - it sure is. Aren't we lucky we get to fly - and then inspire the next generation to take flight and build their own runways.

Around the world with Shaesta Waiz in Summer 2017!

Wonderful visits in Hertfordshire schools today with Dreams Soar, Inc. Founder Shaesta Waiz who is completing a solo global flight to raise awareness of STEM. It was such a pleasure to meet you and thank you for inspiring so many children. We loved your message about believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams. Look forward to meeting you again - until then blue skies and happy landings!

Highlight from June 2017

How lucky are we to be able to inspire young people!!

Wonderful visit with a group of South London primary schools celebrating the life and adventures of Bessie Coleman. Our two fantastic volunteers Anna from British Airways and Helen from Flybe are both first officers in their respective airlines. They spoke to the children about their fantastic careers, led workshops on flight planning and principles of flight and most importantly told them about the importance of working hard and being determined to achieve your goals.

Wareside Primary at The Royal Aeronautical Society

Check out these future pilots!! Another wonderful day inspiring the next generation of pilots and space engineers during a Cool Aeronautics event at the Royal Aeronautical Society. It was even more of a pleasure and privilege than usual as I was there with the children from the school I am leading.

Science Week - 2017

It's been a fantastic week celebrating all things Scientific and Mathematical. It's not only the children who have a great time during our visits - our pilots do too!

"It was great to inspire young people about aviation. Some of the girls walked away saying they wanted to be a pilot. Best day ever!" - Heather MCann, Captain - Netjets Europe

Visit to FEED at Vineyard Church, St Albans

Visit to FEED at Vineyard Church, St Albans

So today marked our last visit for this academic year - and what a fantastic visit it was!

We visited Vineyard Church in St Albans and spent the morning with families who attend the FEED food bank at the church. The food bank there is one of the largest in Herts county.

Huge thanks to Joanne Davies from Stansted Airport Aerozone and Captain Joyce Hart from easyJet. The children loved meeting you and your enthusiasm for aviation!

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The Aviatrix Project visits Cornwall!

The Aviatrix Project visits Cornwall!

A wonderful aviation day inspiring even more future pilots in the glorious sunshine yesterday. The day started off at Bodmin Airfield with talks from commercial and private pilots and a tour of the hangars with aspiring female Year 11 scientists. The afternoon was an excellent session with Year 10 students learning about life in the day of a commercial pilot, the history of aviation and CRM - with just a pack of cards!

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Flying into Mill Mead Primary!

Flying into Mill Mead Primary!

BA 777 Captain Catherine Burton and private pilot Kanchana Gamage flew into Mill Mead Primary in Hertford for another school visit today! The morning took off with a workshop for Year 5s learning all about how aeroplanes fly, the flights of Amelia Earhart, Amy Johnson and the GB to Oz flight by Tracey Curtis-Taylor. Children also learnt much about Boeing aeroplanes and how jet engines work. The visit ended with children making and flying spectacular paper airplanes.  

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First ever school visit!

First ever school visit!

On Friday 27th November Kanchana Gamage and Sharon Nicholson visited All Saints Primary in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire for the first ever school visit. The morning took off with a key stage 2 assembly learning all about how aeroplanes fly, the flights of Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson. This was followed by a workshop where Sharon shared her experiences of flying commercial aircraft. As with any school visit it wouldn't have been complete without a paper aeroplane competition! There were some incredible designs taking into account all they had learnt! What a wonderful way to start!

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