The Aviatrix Tracey Curtis-Taylor and her epic adventure following in the footsteps of Amy Johnson!

Role models are incredibly effective in inspiring and enthusing young people and Tracey’s flight marks the beginning of a wonderful year for women in aviation. Having worked with large numbers of young people throughout my career and from my own flying journey I know this to be absolutely true. Tracey has shown us all that we can all go onto achieve great things. This flight is historic for many reasons – not only because it is an epic solo flight across continents which is a challenge in itself but because Tracey dared to dream and then work hard to make that dream a reality. I was lucky enough to meet Tracey and to get up close and personal to her beautiful Boeing Stearman in 2015 and Tracey is incredibly supportive and keen to share her adventures to inspire others. The skills of determination, perseverance and hard work and effort are life skills we want young people to embrace and parents and schools to teach across all walks of life. The sky is no longer the limit and we want more and more young people to reach for their dreams.

Ultimately I believe that we can use aviation as a tool to raise aspirations. Tracey’s adventure and projects like mine are there to encourage young people – particularly young women – to believe in themselves and to know that there are no limits or barriers to achieving anything they set their mind to. Blue skies all the way!